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IP2Innovate's Newsletter - Q2 2021

Read IP2Innovate's Newsletter - Q2 2021

Implementers praise German patent reforms

Implementers have welcomed reforms to Germany’s laws which weaken patent owners’ right to an injunction if successful in litigation, but their impact on case law remains to be seen.
Wall Street Journal

Germany Shuts Door on Patent Trolls

BERLIN—Germany on Friday removed a legislative quirk that had made it a prime destination for globally active patent litigators who increasingly target fast-growing tech companies.
JUVE Patent blog

Patent law reform: Bundestag introduces principle of proportionality

After months of deliberation, the German Bundestag has finally decided on amendments to a new federal government patent law. It will introduce a proportionality test for the right to an injunction under patent law. The decision comes just a few months before Germany elects a new parliament, and a new government.
Patrick Oliver

Patent law reform strengthens Germany as a location for innovation; Europe needs to follow suit to enhance its competitiveness

Berlin, June 11th 2021 - The Bundestag today adopted legislation to modernise German patent law. The changes are an important step towards creating a better balance between patent protection and innovation protection. European patent law needs to follow Germany’s lead.

Fight the patent rolls: Compromise on new law divides the economy

A change to the German #patent is likely to adopted this Friday, which for the first time considers the complexity of modern products in the digital age.

Super minister with execution issues: Lambrecht is running out of time on important projects

Shortly before the summer break, the CDU/CSU and SPD are aiming to finalise some unfinished coalition projects. One such project is reform of the German patent law.

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