Supporting innovation in Europe through a balanced patent system.

We share @ThierryBreton's goal of a single European #patents system adapted to #digital age. The #UPC has the potential to raise the quality and efficiency of the European patent system if implemented well but we would urge that the system is adapted first. #Patents4Digital

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Statement by IP2Innovate in reaction to Commissioner Breton’s comments about the European patent system

Press Release

"IP2Innovate welcomes Commissioner Breton's comments today and we support his call for a balanced and effective European IP system," said Patrick Oliver, Executive Director of IP2Innovate. "We also share his view that Europe's patent framework needs to be adapted to better suit the challenges of the digital age, and we share his goal of a single European patent. 

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Innovation is key to Europe’s prosperity

People benefit from innovation, enjoying new products and services

Innovations are at risk from low quality patents and abusive patent lawsuits

Innovators must be protected to improve our quality of life

Innovators want justice. Europe needs:

A robust legal system that protects innovators against abuse

A balanced legal system that works in the public interest

A flexible legal system that rewards innovators and provides appropriate protection