Supporting innovation in Europe through a balanced patent system.

Darts-IP released new landmark report on PAE activity in Europe (2007-17) providing evidence of targeted abuse of Europe’s patent legal system.

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#Innovation in Europe is being undermined. We need safeguards to restore balance in #patent system! Read our position paper: #BalancedPatents

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Innovation in the EU Single Market is being undermined. IP2Innovate calls for an effective application of IP enforcement rules to all patents

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As the European Commission will soon set out how the EU Single Market can be strengthened, 25 years after its establishment, IP2Innovate, a cross-industry coalition of small and large innovative companies, is calling for consistent and effective application of the EU IPR rules to patents in all EU countries, to the benefit of Europe’s innovators.

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Innovation is key to Europe’s prosperity

People benefit from innovation, enjoying new products and services

Innovations are at risk from low quality patents and abusive patent lawsuits

Innovators must be protected to improve our quality of life

Innovators want justice. Europe needs:

A robust legal system that protects innovators against abuse

A balanced legal system that works in the public interest

A flexible legal system that rewards innovators and provides appropriate protection